Log my volunteer hours

Fancy a challenge in 2015?  The European Volunteering Challenge is a Europe-wide initiative for the European Athletics Young Leaders' Community to encourage volunteering.

Whether you already volunteer in Athletics or want to get involved and give back, this challenge is something you can do!   Why not start registering your hours and get rewarded by European Athletics for it?  Anyone aged 16 to 25 can register anything from coaching to officiating, to all that admin work you may do at your club.  You can sign up at www.athleticscommunity.org  



So what exactly is the challenge?

The British/NI team have a battle against the other member federations of Europe to register the most hours in 2015.  Log your hours and be recognised through the receiving of awards/certificates for significant contributions and reaching certain volunteered hours, as well as enhancing your CV.  So sign up, get volunteering and fly the flag for your country!  We managed to log over 1200 hours in February - can we get more in March?

How to get involved?

Simply sign up and start registering your hours and sharing best practice by uploading news about your projects and activities. You can even share news from your county such as what’s happening there or submit your own blog for everyone to see.

If you are interested in volunteering, we will offer the following forms of support:

•             A database of organisations that are looking for volunteers or support volunteer work

•             A chance to document your own volunteer work through your Young Leaders Community profile.

We continually developing our system of recognition and awards for volunteers that is backed by the community’s strategic partners – European Athletics, UNESCO and the national athletics federations in the 50 countries of Europe.

The Competitions and Rewards

Each member is rewarded with a certificate from European Athletics after they reach volunteering milestones of 100 hours for BRONZE, 250 hours for SILVER and 500 hours for GOLD.

Each month we run competitions for users of the site, including: VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH and PROJECT OF THE MONTH.

Volunteer of the month may be someone who has given a lot of their time to volunteering in their local community or to a project that they are a part of.

Project of the month is a project that has displayed excellent practice and is sharing that knowledge with members of the community to improve the quality and reach of athletics.

Each member’s hours contribute to the growing total of volunteered hours but also the EUROPEAN VOLUNTEERING CHALLENGE. For this challenge, each month we monitor hours that each member federation contributes in a league table displaying the countries that volunteer the most! With the winners being announced at the end of the year.

So if you are an avid volunteer or just starting out, become a part of the wider volunteering community and sign up now!

Remember to use #EuroVolChal on twitter when you add hours.  Hope you rise to the challenge!

If you would like to get involved, and need extra guidance, get in touch via [email protected].  The initiative is a European Athletics Future Groupone, being supported by the Youth Advisory Group (YAG).