Team Personal Best


With the athletic action right around the corner, we thought this is a perfect time to celebrate the great entertainment and competition to come. Team Personal Best will be the public facing campaign of the 2017 Inspiration Programme and is a place where people can get inspired to take part in athletic activities. We will work alongside BBC Get Inspired to ensure that the campaign gets appropriate promotion through sufficient media coverage. There has been just over £2million spent on this campaign and have focused the investments in 5 key areas being community, disability, volunteers, schools, and international. The scheme is meant for passionate individuals who are committed to athletics as well as for people who don’t know too much about the sport, but are open to feeding their curiosity. The ultimate goal of the scheme is to increase the interest in athletics and sport in general. We will be inviting clubs, community groups, partners, and organisations from all over the country.

Aims and Benefits

The aim of this scheme is to increase the participation amongst communities all over the country as well as to inspire young individuals to strive for what they are passionate about. Some of the main benefits are, the use of Team Personal Best branding on all activity will help with the publicity of your events which can be crucial in reaching your goals as an athlete. Individuals that participate will receive promotion via the activity finder on Team Personal Best as well as other social media platforms. You will be entered into competitions to meet athletes as well as the chance of winning many prizes. No matter what age, gender, background, or ability, anyone can participate and everyone is fit for the scheme

You can get involved by registering any events that your club is holding on the Team Personal Best website and by sharing and supporting Team Personal Best updates and opportunities with your community. We want to build up the excitement of the Summer of World Athletics by creating more interest around the event.