September 01, 2016 09:07 PM

Support World Mental Health Day on Monday 10th October

Here at England Athletics we are fully aware at how important mental health problems are and how they can affect the lives of not only the person who is battling mental health issues but the families and friends too. During the week of 8th – 14th October, it is mental health week, with the 10th October being World Mental Health Day. We wanted to raise awareness for mental health problems and the benefits of being active and communicating, so we are holding an awareness programme, Run and Talk, encouraging people to do just that, run and talk about issues or problems. Organised runs will be held at specific locations as well as encouraging those who can’t make it to these events to run one or more miles where ever they like, it doesn’t have to be at an organised event.


You can sign up to our organised runs on our Facebook event, once you are signed up tag your family and friends to join in and spread the word! Many people will have a reason as to why they are running, you can download your very own reason card on our Facebook page too.


When you have completed your run with family, friends or even on your own, take a picture and upload it to social media and our event page with the hashtag #runandtalk and spread the word!


Many people question what counts as a run, well anything which is more than one mile and run wherever you like and even walking and jogging is allowed!


We hope you have fun running and raising awareness!



For more information see below:

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