June 26, 2017 08:17 PM

Secret London Runs

We're putting on a 10km Secret Mission run in London on 15th July. It's a team challenge like no other - your team race against the clock to solve a murder mystery set in 17th Century London, with prizes for the quickest teams.


You'll be texted a secret location to meet the day before the event. When you arrive, Samuel Pepys gets you up to speed on the case, and then you're off to interview witnesses and interrogate suspects. It's loads of fun with a workout too. 


Race the streets of Greenwich and Deptford to solve a Russian-themed murder mystery in 17th century London.


In this brand new cryptic team challenge, you'll be transported back to 1698. On arrival, you'll meet Samuel Pepys, the famous diarist, in a secret location that's texted to you the day before.

He'll fill you in on the crime, your mission and then it's off to the streets to find clues, interrogate suspects and interview witnesses. 


Date(s) of event. Saturday 15th July

Time(s) of event. Start between 11:30-1pm

Length: 10 km/ 6 miles

Venue. Secret location in SE8 - we'll text it the day before

Nearest tube. North Greenwich Underground/ Deptford DLR

Phone number. 07468594577

Web address

Prices. £19 Standard 

Age group. Over 18s only

Ticket requirements. Tickets must be bought in advance, available Here.

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