Our Partners

ISEH - Institute of Sport Exercise & Health

Since the ISEH opened in summer 2013, London Athletics has had a strong and a unique relationship with the centre. We have been able to utilise the facility for both our elite athletes and clubs and our grass roots groups and those new to the sport. 

The relationship has gone from strength to strength and we’ve been proud to host both our 2013 and 2014 annual awards evening at the venue, as well as numerous coach education workshops.

Looking forward we are expanding on this relationship, and seeing how we can work together to influence grass roots sport and public health.

This relationship has proven crucial in the development and expansion of the RUN! project in London, and with numerous plans on the horizon it looks to flourish further. 

Read more about the ISEH here and see their promotional video

Visit their site: www.iseh.co.uk


Jogging Buddy

A new relationship for 2015, Jogging Buddy presents a new and innovative way to engage, retain and track people within our great sport.

Through working with Jogging Buddy we are able to provide opportunities for people who want to log and track their runs and a chance for participants to search for a ‘buddy’ to run with.

Through the RUN! project we have successfully set up numerous running groups, and coupled with the currently existing Run England groups there are numerous groups to run with. This new relationship adds to this, and allows people who don’t want to or can’t access a group to search for someone in their local area to run with, to develop and to have fun! 

Visit their site: www.joggingbuddy.com/runlondon


Disability Sports Coach

Disability Sports Coach provides high quality sporting opportunities for people with disabilities throughout the UK.

Theydo this by providing coaching, training, events, and community clubs to mainstream schools, special schools, clubs, charities & other professional organisations.

Since DSC conception, they have supported and delivered to over 60,000 people with a variety of disabilities and have also worked with over 130 different organisations including, Sport England, NGB’s, Local Authorities and individual schools.

England Athletics in London are pleased to be working with them to enhance our offer to people with a disability and to ensure there are sustainable pathways for participation at all levels. 

Check out sessions local to you by clicking here

Visit their site: www.disabilitysportscoach.co.uk

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In the effort to drive forward participation in Athletics at all levels we are pleased to be working alongside GLL and their consumer brand “Better”.

Their main role is to promote healthy and active lifestyles, giving communities access to facilities that help improve their health and happiness. As a charitable social enterprise, they invest in our communities. And it’s not just money: they also invest time and effort in encouraging everyone to take advantage of our services. Any surplus money is reinvested into making those services even better, either by training our people or upgrading our facilities.

‘Better’ offers athletics opportunities from age 5 (with athletics multi skills based sessions) right through to adult (With running groups and competitions) at a range of their sites.

You can check our participation map to see if they offer any athletics related activity in your local area

GLL also offer a Talented Athlete Support programme (GLL Sports Foundation) which supports over 300 Athletes across the UK to help achieve their dreams

Visit their site: www.better.org.uk and www.gllsportfoundation.org

GLL Athletics Development Manager – Mick Barlow


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London Sport - The County Sports Partnership for London

London Sport has a simple aim: to get more people in London to be physically active. 1million by 2020. They achieve this by working with partner organisations such as England Athletics.

They have 5 main objectives:
1) Make it easier for Londoners to find the right activity, stay in it, and achieve their potential;
2) Get more resources by making the best use of current investment and securing more;
3) Support grassroots organisations by making the structures simpler and better;
4) Create a bigger and better workforce to support activity;
5) Harness the power of elite sport to create sustained grassroots activity and inspire the next generation of talent.

We are working with London Sport to increase opportunities for people to participate in athletics, through local funding initiatives such as Sportivate and Satellite Clubs, as well as supporting upskilling of new coaches and volunteers.

Visit their site: https://londonsport.org/


Join in

Join In is the nation’s charity for local sports volunteering.

  • They support the clubs and groups who need volunteers most.
  • They promote brilliant opportunities for people to lend a hand.
  • They recognise the huge social value created by volunteers with their campaigns.

England Athletics are working closely with them to help support the increasing demand for the sport and help our clubs get the volunteers that they need to grow and develop. 

Within London they are forming a crucial part of our volunteer engagement programme and featuring heavily in our drive to get more volunteers into our great sport

Visit their site: www.joininuk.org