October 31, 2016 06:05 PM

Olympic Lifting Physical Preparation Workshop

This workshop will explore different methods of strength and power development with a focus on Olympic lifting and other strength related movement patterns such as back squat, front  squat and deadlifts.
These exercises are applicable to all track & field and running events.
The inclusion of these exercises into training programmes,  will not only increase the power and strength of the athlete but, also the implementation of correct movement  patterns will increase their resilience to injury.
This workshop will be delivered by Rob Thickpenny (National Coach Mentor – Physical Preparation), and will be largely practical in nature. Workshop capacity is restricted to a maximum of 16 – due to number of lifting platforms we can access. So, it is recommended that coaches book early.
The cost of  the workshop is £10, and must be booked Here.
For further details contact Guy Spencer - CCSo North London.
Email or call him on 07702 899277
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