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The Jim Day Memorial Pole Vault Competition 2017

Sunday 24th September 2017


Coaches / Parents Info

Can Coaches and Parents please ensure that your athletes are made fully aware of all instructions relating to the smooth (and efficient) running of the event?  We have some very inexperienced young vaulters competing and we want them to get the most out of the day and ensure that their vaulting experience is a supportive and positive one that is rewarding and above all...FUN!


Competitors Info

It is essential that you play your part in the efficient running of the day.


Ways You Can Assist In Keeping Things Moving:

On Arrival at the Competition Area. Please report to the check-in table situated by the inner entrance door. Here you must register for your competition and collect your 'name' label.


Measuring Approach Runs. During the warmup period there will be no need for competitors to individually measure runups with tapes (this is time consuming and disrupts others on the runway). There are permanent marks at the side of BOTH runways at Sutton Arena. These are white dashes spaced one metre apart with a slightly larger dash every FIVE metres. These are measured from the back of the plant box and are accurate to the centre of the white mark in each case! I will personally also ensure that there are some more obvious markings by putting indicators at 10m, 15m, 20m, 25, etc.


Warmup.  Please be aware that you may only have time for two or three warmup vaults. So please ensure that you are fully ready (physically and psychologically) for your first warmup vault.


Checking Take Off Position! We will have two people checking take off positions during the warmup period. After you have jumped, please get off of the landing area as soon as you complete your vault, as the next vaulter will be following you down. You can then check your

take off position AFTER the vaulter following you has jumped and whilst the following vaulter is getting off the bed.

It is imperative that we are time efficient and that the runway is not empty longer than necessary.


Elastic Bar. During the warmup period for all Competitions the elastic bar will be set at an appropriate height on +80cms stand placement. There will not be time to continually move the uprights during warmup. 


Pole Storage. When you arrive at the track, the person in charge of warmup supervision will instruct you where to leave your pole bags. We cannot have 100+ pole bags alongside the runways during the day! So, only those athletes competing in the current competition will be allowed to put their pole bags in the competition area.


Competition Rules

The event will be run under UKA rules and is fully sanctioned by UK Athletics and has been issued with a Level 3 Permit

Permit Number OUT 17/594


The Venue

The address of the venue is:

The David Weir Leisure Centre, Middleton Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 1SL


Telephone: 020 8770 4088

POLE DROP: On arrival at the centre, please come up the driveway past the football pitches on the right and into the top car park. Access to the rear of the main building is restricted by electronic gates. However, you can carry poles through the side gate and around the back of the building. The pole drop area will be clearly sign posted. 



Competition Pools

Click here to see the competition pools.




There are three separate start times during the day.

09:15am Pool 1 & Pool 2

12:30pm Pool 3 & Pool 4 

 3:30pm Pool 5 & Pool 6


Please report at least 90 minutes before the published start time for Pools 3,4,5 & 6.

We will make regular announcements regarding starting times etc. 


The Brian Harlick Legacy Fund

As many of you already know, our dear friend, Brian Harlick passed away last December and as chance would have it, The Jim Day Memorial was Brians last pole vault competition. We will certainly miss his unique style at this years event!

However, to commemorate Brian participation in the JD Event and for the huge contribution he made to our sport, we will be giving some awards to young deserving pole vaulters following this years Jim Day Event. So, we will be looking out for exciting new talent that would benefit from some extra help. 


Pole Raffle

You will also have the opportunity to win a brand new UST-Essx Vaulting Pole of your choice! Raffle tickets will be on sale and the pole WILL be won by somebody on the day so the odds are very favourable and well worth trying for. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards The Brian Harlick Legacy Fund.

Thank you to UST-Essx for their generous donation.


JD Event Tee Shirts

Thank you to everybody has pre ordered and paid for an event tee shirt. These can be collected from the check-in table on arrival. 



There is an excellent cafeteria on the upstairs level at the centre, which is run by a very friendly French couple, Jean and Satia. They will be happy to keep you supplied with hot and cold drinks, snacks and hot food during the day. They have been good enough to support the event, please support them.


Thank You

My thanks to the following for their support of this year's event:

The Pole Vaulters and Parents of 'Team Polestar '.


UST-Essx Vaulting Poles

Josh, Spenser, Katie etc and The Staff at DWLC


Mark Grant (TSF Clothing).

Plus a huge thank you to anyone who has assisted me in staging this event, which continues to grow each year (you know who you are and, most importantly, so do I). 


Pole List

The London Pole Vault Academy Pole List, detailing poles for sale and poles wanted will be sent out with the event results. If you have poles for sale or you are looking for poles, then please let me know ASAP. Your details can then be added to the pole list, which will be distributed to more than 1,000 pole vault enthusiasts. So you have a very good chance of selling your unwanted poles or acquiring those that you need. This is a free service provided by The London Pole Vault Academy on behalf of the UK pole vault community.



If for any reason you become unable to compete, I would really appreciate you letting me now before event day.  

Thank you once again for your support for this hugely popular competition. I am immensely proud of what this has become and what it does for the sport that we all love.

I look forward to welcoming you to the JD Event on Sunday 24th September and to us all being part of something very special yet again.....

Jump High and Land Softly!

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