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Club:Connect Selection Policy
Club:Connect Relays will take place at Müller Anniversary Games and Müller Grand Prix Birmingham.
  • The top 8 teams from the power of 10 rankings for each age group will be selected.
  • For Indoors it will be U13-U17 and 6 teams per race
  • For Outdoors it will be U13-U20 and 8 teams per race
  • If a team pulls out their place will be offered to the next highest ranked club in that age group.
  • All races will have 6/8 teams
  • Only Athletics club teams from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can qualify. Schools/County teams are not eligible.
  • This new selection policy is to ensure every club in the region has a fair chance of gaining selection. 
  • Müller Anniversary Games teams will be selected following the weekend of 27/28th May 2017
  • Müller Grand Prix Birmingham teams will be selected following the weekend of 24/25th June 2017
Winning teams will be given a grant for £250
Club:Connect for clubs will take place at British Athletics Team Trials
At the Team Trials in Sheffield and Birmingham.
  • There will be separate competitions for males and females
  • Points will be available only in the final of each event
  • 8 points will be awarded to first place, 7 points will be awarded to second place, and so on descending to 1 point for eighth place
  • If athletes tie in an event, the points for both places are added together and shared
  • Athletes can win points for their first claim club only
  • Athletes must be registered as members through their home country to be eligible
  • If an athlete is disqualified from an event they are not eligible to score points in that event and the athlete below them is promoted to their position
  • In the event of a tie, the club with the most first placed athletes will be crowned champion. If the clubs still cannot be separated the club with the most second placed athletes will be crowned champion
  • In finals with less than eight athletes the scoring system will remain the same with only the finalists able to score points
  • Winning clubs will be given grant for £500
Any queries or registering of interest for your club should be directed to:
Yannick Phippen - Athlete Logistics Co-ordinator
Phone: +44 (0) 121 7138 415
Mobile: +44 (0) 788 777 5964
The  Club:Connect Relays are featured in the London Athletics film below.

London Athletics Film from Netkandi Limited on Vimeo.

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