July 01, 2016 04:21 PM

Aspire to Greatness Academy - Schools

I’d love to tell you about my Aspire to Greatness Academies, which are delivering an action packed series of Camps this August to energies, excite and entertain your child!

Our Academies are all about inclusivity and delivering to all standards regardless of whether they are totally new to athletic disciplines, have some experience or are already involved in clubs and competition. The emphasis is always on fun and delivering a truly beneficial and memorable experience.


These will take place at:

ACS Cobham International School 15th-17th August 2016

K2 Crawley 9th-11th August 2016

Brunel University 8th August 2016


The Camps run from 10:00am-3:00pm and will engage absolute novices through to aspiring athletes already on the path of club meetings and competition. They will discover what it’s like to become an athlete, develop skills and performance and compete at the highest level. Club athletes will find these insights from the Daley Thompson team invaluable, whilst newcomers will have a whole new world opened up for them!

Those new to athletics will discover the joys of running, jumping and throwing, expending energy and having a blast - all in the hands of inspiring elite coaches and GB international athletes!

I’ve personally put together a team of great trainers who are former and current iinternational athletes & coaches. They will pack our days with the most up-to-date techniques, drills and methods - exactly the kinds of things being used by today’s top athletes. There will also be inspirational talks based on our competitive experiences, and open Q&A sessions too which are always fun - we never know what’s coming!

We’re going to work on the following:

  • ·         Technique, speed and skills for various athletic events.
  • ·         To promote speed and fitness to help you in all sports.
  • ·         Fun strength and conditioning games to help their fitness levels
  • ·         Introduction to Run, Jump & Throw for 6-8 year olds.
  • ·         Mindset - learn about readiness and positivity. Skills to help in all of life not just sport!
  • ·         We want our participants to be better athletes and to leave the camp inspired, motivated and the with tools to give them a strong work ethic and positivity about themselves. 
  • ·         Compete in a fun mini Olympics with a chance to win medals and prizes!


Our aim is to engage, inspire and instruct, to meet all levels of skill and experience and provide them with truly beneficial knowledge and skills of sport, activity and life.

Places are in demand and limited so please do not hesitate to contact my team as quickly as you can.

To book click here or contact Ollie on 07920058673 / 0333 6000 121.


The cost of our 3-Day Camp is only £110 per person.


Kate Staples is my co-founder, central to organising the Academy for me and we have worked together for many years. Kate is a former GB athlete, British and Commonwealth pole vault record holder and many of you will know her best as ‘Zodiac’ from the legendary TV series Gladiators!

She is happy to answer any questions you may have about the camp you can reach her on 07809761261 / 0333 6000 121

Please note our Academies run for age groups 6 to 15.


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